about egaeif

pref Egyptian Emirates for food industry is a leading company in various types of long and short pasta production. Our factory is certified by HACCP and ISO 9001 due to the company’s full commitment to the quality and safety level . The company is using the latest Italian machinery equipped with the highest technology in the world to manufacture the finest types of pasta. The Emirati experience in pasta manufacturing and the strategic location of the Arab Republic of Egypt combine the success factors of the company in the production, manufacturing, shipping and export sectors from Egypt to a large number of countries around the world such as Africa, East Asia and the United States of America. The company aspires to cover all markets of the world, supported by the modern technology used in the expansion of its production lines. The marketing and sales is policy is based on the quality and the customer good service as they are the most important and most worthy criteria. Egyptian Emirates produces its own brands and some other worldwide well-known brands in the field of pasta industry too for other companies.

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